Welcome To The MAKAGA Project

In case you’re not familiar with M.A.K.A.G.A. (Pronounced “Ma-Kar-Ga” [Making and Keeping America Great Again]). MAKAGA is a new project implemented along with “Operation Stone-Age” by Bradford LifeStyles that’s primary focus is on helping to strengthen and grow Small businesses across America.

Our official Launch date is January 1st 2021. If you’d like more information on what exactly MAKAGA is and how it will work, we welcome all inquiries and look forward to sharing MAKAGA with all the small business owners across the nation. So Please do not hesitate to use our contact form located HERE Or email us with your Inquiries and contact information to and we will contact you accordingly and answer any questions you may have.

Image of Construction Vehicles Building the word "Business"

In the meantime, we are currently accepting applications from Licensed small carpentry and electrical Contractors throughout the 50 States who are interested in participating in the MAKAGA Project performing the necessary cosmetic improvements and light remodeling projects along with acting as MAKAGA consultants for Bradford LifeStyles on the local level for local business owners with brick and mortar establishments as the various situations warrant.

The MAKAGA Project is not only a new business model small business owners can follow with us or on their own to strengthen and grow their businesses and profit margin but also establish a new multibillion dollar retail business market segment for small businesses and mom and pop stores across America that will level the playing field giving them an abundance of tools and products to better compete, strengthen and grow their businesses in today’s competitive market place with minimum investment required.

Sound like something your business needs and craves to prevent the constant struggle to keep your business afloat and turn the tide from operating at a loss to giving your busines the ability to grow and prosper?

No one know their customers better than you; The Small Business Owners do.

If so then do not hesitate to get in touch with us and find out if your business is capable of becoming a supper business. You will not be disappointed.

Also be sure to follow the MAKAGA Project Blog, and/or our News On The Wings Newsletter (The official newsletter of Bradford LifeStyles. [look for the MAKAGA tag])

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